H&M Replies – Not Good Enough

Literally going to copy and paste the response I got from my email complaint (see previous blog) to H&M for having one of the most pathetic plus-size sections in a large chain store I’ve seen in a L-O-N-G time:


Thanks for reaching out to us.

I’m sorry that our new store in Anchorage, Alaska didn’t have what you’re looking for. We’re always accepting feedback to try to help make your shopping experience more enjoyable. The products and categories in-store can always change based on the demand, but it can take time.

Please see our H&M+ section online. Perhaps you can use the selection in-store to find out what sizes fit you best for different styles. This way you can browse our online plus size items and better select your fit. 

We will continue to grow and expand H&M+ online and in-stores! Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Best Wishes, 


H&M Customer Service

Well, thanks for nothing — the point is I want to see the clothes IN THE STORE, not on your frickin’ website. I came in person to your store to physically touch and try on clothes. But nope, if I only saw one shirt that might fit and maybe two bottoms I could possibly try on, what is the point?

H&M is so proud they offer plus size clothing but they get a big F from me for failing to provide the products in-store. Why does H&M provide almost an entire floor of their store to sizes 0-12, but only a tiny corner with 4 racks and a partial wall dedicated to sizes 14-24?


Maybe I’m just being a 33-year-old brat. Or am I fighting an uphill battle?


Open Letter to H&M – #plussizefashion

I visited your store last night at your newly opened store in Anchorage, Alaska and saw the plus size “section.” This “section” was literally about 4 racks and half a wall. The selection for size 14+ women’s clothing is honestly appalling and compared to the rest of the women’s fashion section of the store, that plus size “section” only represented about 5% of the inventory. On top of that, the section wasn’t even labeled and I had to hunt around the store to find anything in my size. Very disappointed in H&M. Maybe explain to your corporate people that I am 33 years old, my household income is $150K+ a year, I have two teenagers and a toddler and they are losing out on customers like me that enjoy fashion and can’t fit into a size 2. I walked out of that store with nothing for myself. I am a professional in the public relations and marketing fields and truly was shocked last night how far behind H&M is in providing ALL customers of ALL sizes fashion choices in their most recently opened store.

Get with it H&M. Larger girls have money to spend and love fashion too.

I noticed the mall that hosts your store had a new release: DIMOND CENTER – H&M and they mention a plus-size “line.” What a joke! Shame on you H&M for bringing that amount of hype. The kind of hype that felt a little like last week’s Amazon’s #PrimeDay that was a total failure.

According to this article last year:

“…the average American woman is 25 pounds heavier than she was in 1960. However, the plus-size clothing market still only accounts for 9% of the $190 billion spent on clothes annually in the United States. This means major retailers are leaving a lot of money on the table.”

Do you even want our business? Did your company not learn from your faux pas last year on using medium-sized models in their plus-size advertising either?

Some Twitter users like @readytostare in Toronto have reported their local H&M store had a selection in their plus-size store. Maybe my Canadian neighbors have it better at their local H&M. Maybe they complained about it to that particular store’s management. What does Alaska have to do to get more than 4 racks of plus-size clothing in the Anchorage store?

I did contact your customer service folks via chat on the H&M website. Their answer was simply sorry, you can’t call the store directly but you can 1) complain in person; 2) email the general customer service email or 3) call our general customer service number. I’m doing all three and then some on social media.

There’s a lot of us plus-sized ladies ready to purchase if the goods are there H&M. Some of us are professionals, some stay-at-home moms, some of us are young or young-at-heart, and we carry our purses in hopes that when a store claims to carry plus-sized clothing that they deliver with just as much inventory as other sections in the same store.

Some of us are now simply are tired of feeling ashamed when we walk into a major retailer and there’s NOTHING, nothing, nothing, in our size.

It’s 2015 H&M, time to make your fashion more accessible to all sizes.


That One Chubby Lady in Anchorage