Having a Fat Girl Moment – Wait, Did She Just Say That?

Was scrolling through my Facebook feed last night and I came across this gem by someone I thought was a bit above this type of thing.  I saved the post on my phone and decided not to post a comment there but just vent my shock on here. I know this person professionally and also know she had gastric bypass surgery to lose a lot of weight a number of years ago. Logic would follow that if you struggled through it, you shouldn’t be making fun of it in a negative way, right?

Maybe I haven’t thickened my skin enough, but does this bother anyone else? Did she really have to caption giving into her candy corn craving as a “fat girl moment”?


So the second someone binge-eats candy corn, it is all of the sudden a fat girl moment? So the only moments fat girls can have are eating sugary, fatty foods? What about the OTHER moments we have 99.99999% of the time: playing with our kids, enjoying a movie, doing the laundry, spending time with our spouse, or cuddling up with a good book? We are so much more than shoving candy corn down our throats. Come on.

I don’t even like candy corn.

Rant over.


  1. FaturdayNightLive · August 26, 2015

    Very thought provoking! I’ve been guilty of using that phrase before (although since I AM fat I guess I assumed it was okay). But you’re right, I only use it in regards to food choices. HMMMMMM. Thanks for that perspective.

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    • csinalaska · August 26, 2015

      Thanks for your comment! Another phrase I really don’t like is “I like [insert item] like a fat kid likes cake.” It’s just a mean way to describe something, as if the only thing an overweight person cares about is food. One of those button-pushing things for me.

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  2. AlexxxCastro · August 27, 2015

    Wow, I never thought about it like this! I am plus size and have definitely been guilty of using that phrase, too…But this absolutely made me see it from a different light. Thank you for sharing!


    • csinalaska · August 27, 2015

      Thank you for visiting my blog! It’s something I think people say to be funny not realizing the context of the phrase, not that they are intentionally being mean. But the underlying issue is that people tend to connect fat people with food, as if that’s the only thing someone of a larger size cares about.

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      • AlexxxCastro · August 27, 2015

        I’m so glad I came across this post! You are SO right. Thank you!

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  3. gingerxkid · August 27, 2015

    Ah. I have noticed that I often poke fun at myself when I indulge. I appreciate this perspective.


    • csinalaska · September 1, 2015

      Humor is an easy way to try and not take things too seriously, and I think in that innocence we actually end up hurting ourselves in the long run when it comes to making fun things relating to our size. Thanks for reading my blog! Sorry for the delayed reply, I was on a family trip and barely even got on my phone! Yikes! 🙂

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