Loving Your Body, As-Is

Would you stand in the middle of crowd in a bikini, blindfold yourself, and ask others to critique you using markers?

What would you hope people would write on you? Follow the link to watch a mom bear it all in a brave experiment:

Self-Acceptance in a Bikini: Brave Plus Size Mom

What do you think? What did you learn? Would you try it? What would hold you back from doing this experiment?

The video posted a few weeks ago has gone viral and it’s because it hits to the heart of human-kind: INSECURITY. The experiment by Amy-Pence Brown explores the very depth of who we are, who we think we are to others and what value ourselves, our bodies have to society. Is a skinny body worth more than a plump one?

It’s a big enough story that USA Today, Huffington Post, People Magazine, BuzzFeed and television stations in the last week have shared this woman’s story of courage to bear her body in public. Brown shared:

“The hush in the crowd around me was instantaneous and I barely had time to tie on my blindfold, prop up my sign and grab my markers before the first woman rushed up to me, touched my hand with her shaky one, told me I was brave and powerful and asked if she could give me a hug and started to cry. And then I cried, too.”

I’m working on being brave. Soon I will have the courage too, to love myself unconditionally.


  1. Linda Fargano · September 10, 2015

    Being brave & putting yourself out there is hard but also imperative in embracing ourselves as we are not how we think others would like us to look. This post was timed perfectly as today I took my son for a walk and decided to leave the house for the first time EVER without makeup. I was definitely self-conscious but it was a great exercise for me in accepting myself.

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    • csinalaska · September 10, 2015

      Funny that you say that about make-up. My local radio station this morning did an on-air quiz that 65% of women get more stressed out doing “this” than planning a wedding or public speaking. The answer? 65% of women stress out more from wearing no make-up (to work, for the day, whatever)!


      • Linda Fargano · September 10, 2015

        That sounds completely absurd but I totally believe it! Sad isn’t it?

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